Wait Sketches Won’t Wait

I have a fair number of Wait Sketches that are the result of parenting and husbanding and doing the car thing. Activities that put me in various places for a while with empty hands and an urge to use my time to some effect. I am putting more of the product of those times here because I like the idea of sharing them. They won’t wait to share themselves, and they’ll just keep piling up in dusty books in corners of my studio. Maybe my posting these Wait Sketches is my proving in some way that my time isn’t all wasted, or that I am not just vegetating as I sit though another chunk of life while being available or getting an errand done. I do know that some of the sketches hone the eye, get the hand in shape, and develop that graphic presentation that is the core of effective drawing. Lord knows I could use more development. Here I am in my mid 50’s and I sometimes feel clumsy when trying to get something onto paper. Anyway – Wait Sketches

At the Dealers


Coffee Shop Customers


In the Coffee Shop


Waiting Room Dads


Soccer Moms


Waiting at the Corner