Wait Sketches – Through a Window

Times I’m waiting, often in a coffee shop or a car, sometimes in a lobby – and I draw what I see through the window. Somebody is lounging perhaps, a tree on the boulevard catches my eye, something other than what is sharing the room with me. One thing I notice is that relatively static subjects such as trees allow themselves a bit deeper exploration than a person walking by or a young mother standing at a red stoplight. Here are a couple of those through-the-window wait sketches from a couple of different sketchbooks over the last few years.

Jardin Archachon
Window View
Waiting In the Car passerby 1



Waiting In the Car passerby 2


Waiting on the street
Waiting on the Street


2 thoughts on “Wait Sketches – Through a Window

  1. I like the window view sketch. It gives me the feeling of a cold, gray day, sitting inside the house and staring through the window.

    1. Windows frame our thoughts, in addition to all the other things they do. Maybe I should blog a series of works and thoughts about that πŸ˜‰ Thanks for taking the time to comment Ben.

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