Things that underpin my art

I’ve started to pay attention to this (about time, my 63rd is thisclose).

I have a congenital condition called Mixed Anisometropia – both eyes have refractive errors but one is myopic (nearsighted), and the other is hyperopic (farsighted). This compromises my depth perception and misaligns my vision. I tend to have two offset and disconnected, interpolated images in my vision field.

I have another condition – a mild autism leading to social disconnection. My social anxiety and confusion is fuelled by deficient comprehension of social connection.

So I have one condition compromising my sight, leading me to explore what vision/perception is. I have a second condition that befuddles me, leading me to wonder about relationships, interconnections, beginnings and interpretations.

My art is an exploration of these themes. What do we see? How is it different? How do we feel? What stories can I share that echo within you?

My art tries to parse out depths visually and in connection, underpinned by congenital differences from the norm.

This piece is representative of my current explorations both visual & interpersonal. “Dark Sun” graphite & pencil, 17â€x23â€

"Dark Sun" 17" x 23" pencil & graphite *for sale $3800
Dark Sun

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