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  1. I very much enjoyed looking at your work. I especially enjoyed your paintings, your tree sketches and your whimsies. You love nature and its creatures, don’t you?

  2. Hi Mark, Really enjoyed looking at your work on the website. I especially like the paintings. Vibrant and full of life.

  3. Hi Mark,
    Got your card this am and looked at your site with the kids, as you suggested. We all loved your ‘whimsy’ section! Your work is excellent. Wondering if you have any dragon and knight images – or boys dressed as knights with dragons?

  4. An amazing artist….my oldest friend……a wonderful teacher and a great Biped to boot!

  5. Hello Mark
    It took me forever to find your card *
    Anyways,,,,, its been a while coming and today i had the time to finish looking at your amazing talent.
    Loved it all, you have a wonderful gift!
    Happy Holiday’s

  6. Greetings,
    I stumbled upon your website accidentally, and after looking through your galleries I am really feeling inspired! Your paintings are truly magical! 🙂


  7. Mark!

    I love your Tree Dancers – the shapes and forms are so lovely! I also really enjoyed your Whimsies. They are great and gave me some smiles. I love your style. It is very unique. I love the way your draw trees, as seen in your Sketches and Such gallery. Wonderful array of pieces.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. Hi Mark ! Long time no see!
    I was looking at your stuff on your website and I want to say that I did enjoy you creativity , your ideas, the bird going on with the whale with all those similar movements …I love lines and I love your passion of movement with your sky and land ! Your trees are very intertaining and well done ! Thank you so much ! It is wanderful ! Hope to see you soon … by the way tomorrow we have a show in Todmorden Mills with TWS ! Tomorrow is the Artists ceremonie and I will received an certificat of merite! The show is wanderful !
    So let see that ! Congradulation ! MOi

  9. Just sitting at The Homeway in Toronto and falling in LOVE with your paintings! The colours and brush strokes are fabulous! I will definitely be purchasing something in the near future!

  10. Hi Mark, I was on fine art america and came upon your site. You are a phenomenal artist. I have only recently (within the last few years) became an artist. I have so much to learn, and seeing the wonderful artwork like yours gives me hope that some day I could be almost as good as you. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Sincerely, Tracy Kincaid

  11. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at Fantasy In The Forest Art Show. I love the two cards I purchased, The Wistful Prince and Tree Dancer in Flight. I am excited to explore your website.

    1. Thanks Kim 🙂 The pleasure of such shows is in the people who share their time and support for the arts. You chose a pair of cards of work I feel very good about. I hope you enjoyed your explore of my site and had a chance to see work that wasn’t viewable during Fantasy in the Forest.

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