The universe resides in what is referred to as deep time. Billions of years layer the foundation of our understanding of our world and of ourselves. The depth of our history, all the way from the elements we are made of on up to the faculties we have evolved combine to understand and interpret that world. This is what fuels the synthesis which is the essential structure of  understanding ourselves and the world we live in. Humanity further evolves connections within ourselves. We consider, create and share possible patterns in this universe of ours. We have actually created another set of dimensions beyond the purely physical by using our minds and our time-binding faculties to invent and share agreements regarding our world and ourselves. Knowledge forms within and without us in a context woven whole from itself. We are birthed from the primal elements – round and about and in and out with earth and air and fire and water. The press and need of life shapes itself with these elements, evolving ever more completely into meta-evolutionary sophistications on the original template that life first followed. Life needs life, and love is the seed bed that allows the furtherance of human life. Care is the key nurturing influence, a tender continuance from generation to generation through evolution both physical and conceptual that we are a part of. Beyond the purely physical, our joining of questions with applied thought gives us both a structure and a knowledge base which is a template holding and carrying the gains humanity makes. Stresses and forces inherent in the mere fact of being alive bring forth madness and magic. This wild creative element then is knit back into the life we carry and are carried by. We are, each and every one of us, centres in this amazing existence we have.


The drawing is based on an eye. It is a self portrait in the complete story-telling sense of the word, when you consider that legends, fables and myths are really the truest and most complete stories we can tell about ourselves.


pencil 14″ x 11″

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