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Words Written Down

I read a lot. Always have, hopefully always will. I don’t retain much. But from time to time I think of writing down some particularly articulate capture or thought. I had the happy thought that my Blog is a good place to collate these words that have accumulated over the years on scraps of paper, pages of sketchbooks or key strokes in various word processing programs. Wake up all over again to how many people have thoughts that are worth sharing. And you never know. Someone out there in the wide open spaces of teh World Wide Web just might find these snippets interesting or of value.

Negative Attribution Rant

I recently read a post in an online forum about guys approaching girls on social websites. The discussion in the forum moved to guys  interacting with women in general. The forum contained a post by a woman that burned my biscuits. It was one of a series of posts by her that indicated a real dislike and distaste for anyone who did not have her personal seal of approval.
A sample quote from a post by her.
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The Human Spectrum – Air France 447 vs Osama Bin Laden

I posted my thoughts elsewhere, but I’ll put them here as well.

I admit I was much more taken with the discovery of the Air France Flight 447 black box in the uncharted depths of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic (in more than 13,000 feet of water, no less), than I was with the death at the hands of the USA’s special forces of Osama Bin Laden in his walled suburban enclave in Pakistan.

The former was a wonder of technical expertise and exploration of the depths of the ocean.

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Synaesthesia is another word for Experience

I remember a man describing the colours of songs. For him all songs had a unique colour arrangement – every compositon had a retina print, so to speak.

I wondered if that was similar to the way conversations and concepts swim in my mind as an ever-flowing imagery – a flow that is both important and difficult for me to express in visual art.

I think we all swim in seas of sensory overlap. We have congenital or experiential differences in how our various senses feed our inner understanding.

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Best and Worst Inventions of All Time

Best invention – I have to go with the wrap. Using the hide of a kill to gather up the important parts you separate out to take back to your shelter was such an enormous step. Imagine the divide before that meme. The efficiency in that discovery – being able to expend only the energy needed to carry the best parts instead of whatever you could sling over your naked back or in your hands is enormous. You could keep those hands free for emergencies or for clambering into hard to reach places.

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neolithic tools

What is Art?

I think art is organizing and binding of time and material with intent. The intent is to add quality while expressing some purpose in our lives. Good art does this with aesthetic intent, craftsmanship and the imbuing of the artists pleasure into their construct. A person can be an artist in the way they load a truck, mop a floor or care for a child.

It isn’t necessary to intend to make art in order to have art made.

Art isn’t necessarily brought into being by persons who claim they are making art.

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