Synaesthesia is another word for Experience

I remember a man describing the colours of songs. For him all songs had a unique colour arrangement – every compositon had a retina print, so to speak.

I wondered if that was similar to the way conversations and concepts swim in my mind as an ever-flowing imagery – a flow that is both important and difficult for me to express in visual art.

I think we all swim in seas of sensory overlap. We have congenital or experiential differences in how our various senses feed our inner understanding. We also have external communication differences where what may appear to be the same language is not the same language. The basic communication between people will continuously falter until we have effectively communicated and mutually understand just what our terms, language and definitions are.

As we go through life we are a long way from knowingly and with intelligent awareness being able to deal with the world our complicated minds inform us is there. What humanity has done so far while making manifest our inner worlds reminds me of that conversation about “the things we know, the things we don’t know, the things we know we don’t know, and the things we don’t know we don’t know”. The understandings of the future and the understandings of the past and the confusions of the present . . . a long swim in a sensory sea indeed.

Any point in this post? Probably not, but it served me to word it out and I hope no one experiences a tasteless, dull ennui while delving into it.

“Extraordinary people – Synaesthetes ” watch?v=1R_A4tUMOtI&feature=player_embedded

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