Tree Dancers Re-Imagined with Colour

My Lady always wanted to see my Tree Dancers transformed with colour, but I was hesitant to revisit any pieces that way – partly because it was hard to start working again on art that felt finished.

Now, I have a link on my website for people to purchase prints (a third party site – I get a percentage of their fee, they do all the work). A woman saw my work there and contacted me to tell me she had ordered some prints. In a follow-up to I asked her how the prints looked, and she told me some of the prints were disappointing. I took a look at the digital art files, and realized that they were rubbish. I immediately pulled those pieces from the site. I felt really bad about the woman who was all excited for her purchase and then let down by the prints. I asked her if she would like to get her unsatisfactory prints recreated as originals that I would mail to her free of charge. She liked the idea, so I took my coloured pencil crayons, pencil & fine line pen and redid a few pieces for her. I mailed them off and all is well between us. Of course I scanned the finished pieces before mailing them, and in fact the Re-Imagined Tree Dancers turned out to make very nice printed 5″x7″ art cards.

So. Shazaam. My Lady got her wish to see my work in a new way, and I found that re-imagining Tree Dancers was invigorating and fun to do. I really enjoyed doing the colour work, and people tell me they see details that escaped them previously.

Arched Dancer Re-Imagined

Lotus Dancer Re-Imagined


Traveling Companion Re-Imagined


The Wistful Prince Re-Imagined

A Bit of News Re-Imagined

One thought on “Tree Dancers Re-Imagined with Colour

  1. Wow these are great. I came across your site doing some research about art and education. I’ve now looked at quite a few art blogs, and I have to say these are some of the most interesting illustrations that I’ve seen. I especially like the meditation one. If any of your younger readers are interested I came across a contest being held by the National Gallery of Canada called “So You Want To Be An Artist” link is

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