The Boatman W.I.P.

The Boatman started out as pencil play in an 11″ x 14″ spiral drawing pad. A drawing is “lap art” when I can sit on a sofa to work. The Boatman is such lap art. My studio is now separate from the house, and I want to have work I can do when spending days/evenings with the family. This being Christmas break I find more time than usual is spent doing such work, and The Boatman is getting the attention right now. Mechanical .05 pencils of 3 different grades plus erasers are being used for now. I like mechanical pencils because I don’t have to spend half my time dealing with a dull pencil.

I’m holding in my mind the world of what may have been. Many, many thousands of years ago there were vast lands that now lie beneath the oceans of our world. Before the collapse of the glaciers and the rise of the waters people had a long time to knit themselves into these places that we now only can visit in dreams or visions. The Boatman guides his craft on a surface that is now hundreds of feet deep beneath the waves and 15,000 years deep in our forgotten past.

1) The sky is mostly realized, and the configuration of the composition is fairly well set here.

Boatman 1

















2)I have been solidifying the presence of the Boatman, and bringing his world in closer around him.


Boatman 3


















3) the finished drawing

Boatman final cropped unadjusted 800 size