Reflections II

I decided I wanted to do a variation of Reflections, going with the energy and ideas that were still strong from the original. So, working on a larger scale (36″ x 24″) in acrylic, I will be trying extra-hard to make this piece a fully functional painting when hung in any orientation. I’m interested in following up on where I was when painting Reflections.  So while not trying to be cute about it, I’m reflecting upon the reflections of things, the reflected image, reflections in all the varieties there are.

March 25 2010 – the 2nd installment of “Reflections II – On Deck”. It’s starting to show itself to me. I put sawtooth hangers on all four sides and hung the painting every which way to get a look at it, because I hope to have it work in any orientation when done. I can see how I’ll need to really emphasize the curve of the forward wing of the bird in order to balance out the dark behind the whale. I can also see how I have given myself a real problem by wanting to make this painting work from all points of view. I hope it ends up strong and beautiful instead of a watered down pot of porridge (in a manner of speaking). We shall see.

The last-but-one shot of the piece on it’s easel.

The final piece that I take to Todmorden Mills for the Spring Don Valley Art Show. I drop it off tonight, the opening is this coming Friday – details here –  – I hope people like the painting. It took some time and thought.