11″ x 9″ pencil

Light defines things which are beyond our hands reach. This definition has an immediacy it is difficult to appreciate without considering the various layers and levels which are interposed between us. You look out your window and you may see a man tending his garden. You could be looking at the way the late afternoon light emphasizes the raised contours of foothills on the horizon. Your focus slips past the dust motes in your room. You edit out the reflection on the window showing your room as it extends behind you. You are not noticing the rampant shrubbery in your own yard, or the slight sway of the power lines strung across the roadway you are facing. There may be a cat involved in cat business or a wheeling of birds as they attend to some ones forgotten picnic leavings. Surfaces interact independently from our awareness of such interaction. The light which carries all of this to our eyes has been reflected and filtered and flavoured to a point that we must apply our own unconscious discrimination before we make immediate sense of what we see. This discrimination and application goes on with the creatures around us. Our world has been powerfully shaped by light and the way we have been both shaped by and in turn have been given form to those things commonly determined to be important. We are presented with interleavings that bring our lives texture and beauty. We are granted an awareness of the glorious depths and complexities our world holds.

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