Harrison Springs BC

I had a few days of free time when I visited Harrison Springs, British Columbia a couple of years ago. Harrison Springs is a small town an hour and a half inland from Vancouver. It is surrounded by mountains but the water extends for a long ways. Unfortunately I never got a water tour in, but I was able to walk a couple of trails up the mountainside. Gorgeous big trees, lush fern meadows, and towering rock tumbles.  So I carried my sketchbook around and was able to get some drawings done that I felt good about. I was just looking at the files and thought I’d share some here.

The first one is what I feel is my most successful landscape sketch to date.

11″ x 14″ West View Mountainside Harrison Springs

Mountainside Sketch Harrison Springs

I drew some trees and such while on a ramble about that western face.

A tumble of trees and stones.


I tried to capture the look of the eastern side of the lake with the morning clouds boiling over them. This was the best I could do.

The clouds were pouring between and over the mountains. It was beautiful to watch.
East Shore morning clouds

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