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9"x 12" pencil

Passing Glances in 3 steps

I didn’t think to take a photo of this piece until it was pretty well set, so there isn’t a real early stage photo. But it is interesting to see a couple of intermediary steps before the finished look. I didn’t try to make the colour of the stages look like the finished piece. I think that is part of their attraction, actually.

Passing Glances – I knew how I wanted it to look and used an image that was very close to the final layout in order to give me a good proportional drawing.

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Negative Attribution Rant

I recently read a post in an online forum about guys approaching girls on social websites. The discussion in the forum moved to guys  interacting with women in general. The forum contained a post by a woman that burned my biscuits. It was one of a series of posts by her that indicated a real dislike and distaste for anyone who did not have her personal seal of approval.
A sample quote from a post by her.
“Again, if I don’t know you, don’t approach me in public,… Read more Negative Attribution Rant

Square Foot AWOL Gallery 2011

The AWOL Gallery on Ossington here in Toronto is holding their annual Square Foot show again this summer. They accept the first 500 artists, each of whom can submit up to 3 pieces. The theme of the show is that all pieces have to be exactly one square foot – 12″ per side – and no more than 5 inches deep. The gallery decides whether to hang one or more of the submissions from each artist. Some years I’ve had all 3 hung,

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The Human Spectrum – Air France 447 vs Osama Bin Laden

I posted my thoughts elsewhere, but I’ll put them here as well.

I admit I was much more taken with the discovery of the Air France Flight 447 black box in the uncharted depths of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic (in more than 13,000 feet of water, no less), than I was with the death at the hands of the USA’s special forces of Osama Bin Laden in his walled suburban enclave in Pakistan.

The former was a wonder of technical expertise and exploration of the depths of the ocean.

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Don Valley Art Club Spring Show

The Don Valley Art Club is holding it’s annual Spring Show at the Paper Mill Gallery at Todmorden Mills on Pottery Road in Toronto.

The show is running May 7 & 8, and May 14 from 12 pm to 5 pm, and Sunday May 15 from 12 pm to 3 pm. The address is 67 Pottery Road, Toronto Ontario.

The show always has a wide range of work and you will see some beautiful pieces. Please come out and have a look.

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6th Sense – Imagination & the Artist Show

The Dignam Gallery run by the Women’s Art Association of Canada has invited me to take part in this show. There are 6 artists showing the results of their own experience with the 6th Sense, which the curator Deniz Ergun-Seker feels is a key element in the artistic conversation. I was thrilled to be asked to share my own explorations and imaginings at the gallery. It would be great if people came by and saw the work.

The show runs from May 19 –

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