Art on Deck – February 21,2010

The Song – 12″ x 16″ finished size in micron pens and colour pencils. This is the first stage complete before I colour it in. The show is coming up and I feel the crunch time, so I will see how quickly I get The Song complete. Hopefully there will be a final version hitting the gallery today.

The finished piece – learn as you go when it comes to this particular art board and these pencils and pens I think. And of course, the usual disclaimer regarding the quality of my camera picture when it comes to colour and clarity of image. Trust me, it does look better IRL.

Instead of making a new blog entry I’ll post stage one of “Relative Speed” – 16″ x 12″. I’ve drawn it out and put some micron pen on the illustration board. Funny how the margins laid out change because the drawing winds up happening on a different part of the board than what I’d planned. Not sure how the relative speed will actually end up showing on this piece. I’ll find out if I can capture it after I get the kids off to school in the morning.

Monday afternoon. Some more pen work done but it is time to start putting colour pencil on these fellows.

Decided to call this one done. I would do it differently if I do it again – the snail doesn’t seem to express speed the way it ought to.  Time to start pulling stuff together for the TAE opening tomorrow.