3rd Ward online art competition

Well I’ve signed up for their online art competition. I am putting myself out there again in a “vote for me” way with http://markjohnson.3rdward.com/

I am always very aware of how my art doesn’t translate well – my cheap old digital camera is not a very good window through which the world sees my work. The work itself is in a state of flux. Each major piece changes radically from the one before as I learn how to see/show my vision. Not to mention the learning curve as I handle the various mediums. But even if it won’t ever get out there in a wide-audience way let me assure you that my art looks pretty good in 3D land

Zero plans to shake the world, make it big, be the numero uno in this or any other competition. On the other hand, I am happy to have you take a look at my submissions, my website, my Facebook art page . . .

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