Leaside Davisville Nuit Blanche

Local artist Sharron Katz has organized a Leaside Davisville Nuit Blanche and invited me to take part. So I am setting up in the Tremblett ValuMart at 1500 Bayview here in Toronto Central.
Rob Tremblett has kindly offered the use of his entrance and will even clear out the displays and shopping carts so I can set up my artwork in a nice cozy indoor area. Thank you Rob! There will be a complimentary bbq at my location at 10 pm. My step-son Jamie Graham will be performing some of his covers and original songs, accompanying himself with on acoustic guitar. Be sure to give him a listen.

The music and art will take place Saturday October 2 2010 from 7 pm till 12 am. I hope people are able to come out and support this local venture that Sharron has put so much work into.


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