Time – Shift

16" x 12" pencil & colour pencil *original for sale $580
Time - Shift

While walking on a tall, rocky hill set in the middle of a great rise of land I see nothing but the rise and fall into the distance of more hills and plains. Sometimes where the ground breaks away I notice something intriguing. Evidence that the rock around me, indeed this great rise of land I have been labouring to climb for the last few hours, was laid down in layers, year after year over millennia. Layers that were created deep under water by the slow downward drift of sedimental elements. There has been a shift, somehow, in ages past that has resulted in this place I now stand. I sometimes wonder what is the real place I am standing in. Is my perspective limited in some way? Ought I shift my viewpoint in order to really see what is around me?
*original for sale $580