Centre *sold

pencil 13″ x 11″
This drawing’s layout is loosely based on the human eye. The thought that is woven through it is as follows.
The universe resides in what is referred to as deep time. Billions of years layer the foundation of our understanding. We evolve connections within ourselves. We consider possible patterns in the universe that we exist with. Knowledge forms within and without us in a context woven whole from itself. We are birthed from the primal elements – round and about and in and out with earth and air and fire and water. The press and need of life shapes itself with these elements. Life needs life and love is its seed bed. Care is the nurturing influence allowing the tender continuance we all represent. Joining questions with applied thought gives structure and knowledge, which can hold and carry the gains people make. The stresses and forces in living brings us both a madness and a magic, which are knit together back into the life we carry and are carried by. We are each and every one of us centres in this amazing existence we have.